Fluid images

As part of the assessment in ENSC3010 (Hydraulics), students are asked to submit a photograph of any fluid mechanics phenomenon of interest. The photographs are graded according to their aesthetic appeal, their uniqueness and the quality of the explanation of the observed phenomenon. Recent prize winners are shown below.

1.060 at MIT – 2014

betsholtz gomez shorin
1st place
Josefin Betsholtz
Dye droplets at an oil-water interface
2nd place
Nicolas Gomez
Smoke ring
3rd place
Emily Shorin
The Rayleigh-Taylor instability

ENSC3010 – 2013

sookraj  hernich evans
1st place
Serisha Sookraj
Paint on a speaker
2nd place
Ella Hernich
Dye flowing into a siphon
3rd place
Jaxon Evans
Water balloon to the face

ENSC3010 – 2012

baron coffey yap
1st place
Samantha Baron
Droplet hitting the water surface
2nd place
Sam Coffey
Underwater toroidal vortex
3rd place
Zara Yap
Oobleck on a speaker