Awards (Teaching)

  • Faculty of Engineering Award for Individual Teaching Excellence (Data Collection and Analysis) [2010]
  • Faculty of Engineering Award for Individual Teaching Excellence (Environmental Fluid Mechanics/Hydraulics I) [2008]
  • Faculty of Engineering Award for Team Teaching Excellence (Data Collection and Analysis) [2008]

Awards (Research)

  • UWA Teaching Fellowship [2010]
  • Lorenz G. Straub Medal, awarded by the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory for the most meritorious Ph.D. thesis in Hydraulics [2008]
  • UWA Postdoctoral Fellowship [2005]
  • Schoetler Fellowship (MIT) [2001]
  • Robert Gledden Postgraduate Fellowship (UWA) [1998]
  • Australian Water Association Undergraduate Gold Medal (WA) [1998]

Invited presentations

  • Transport processes in flows over permeable media”, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA, 9-13 December 2013.
  • The impact of submerged vegetation on benthic turbulence and mixing”, Straub Medal Presentation Ceremony, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 28 January 2009. Presentation
  • Flow through a flexible, permeable system: how submerged vegetation can impact vertical transport”, Gordon Research Conference on Permeable Sediments, Colby College, Waterville, ME, USA, 25-30 June 2006. Presentation
  • Nature’s drag queens: How vegetation impacts aquatic flows”, DIALOG VII Symposium, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Alabama, USA, 3-10 December 2005. Presentation

Major research grants

  • ARC Linkage, 2013-16, “Performance of waste stabilisation ponds: controlling factors, novel performance indicators, and risk assessment”, $412,000 (ARC) + $604,650 (Industry), Chief Investigator.
  • ARC Discovery, 2012-14, “A new framework for flow and mixing at the sediment-water interface”, $153,000, Sole Chief Investigator.
  • ARC Discovery, 2010-12, “Extreme tidal forcing of a topographically complex coastal region: the Kimberley, Western Australia”, $430,000, Chief Investigator.
  • CSIRO Flagship Collaboration, 2009-10, “The role of herbivory and hydrodynamics in ameliorating the effects of nutrient enrichment in marine ecosystems”, $171,000, Chief Investigator.

Editorial boards

  • Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Editorial Board
  • Frontiers in Marine Science, Review Editor